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Motivational Speaker. Coach. Advocate. 

Kindra is known as a thought leader as she has inspired hundreds to rethink how they tackle the challenges they face. Besides consulting one on one, Kindra can speaks at events such as corporate functions, lunch and learns support groups, and church functions.

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Image by thomas heintz

I was looking for a dynamic speaker to inspire my group of men and women who needed clarity in their path.  Kindra delivered a powerful message and delivered lessons that left her audience empowered.

Julie Lokun

There’s a side of Kindra Beck that doesn’t show up in her resume. It’s what Hemingway described “grace under pressure.” I worked closely with Kindra for nearly five years where she was the advocate for bold, unexpected and strategically precise concepts to risk-adverse clients – and prevailed. She is sympathetic, positive, patient and understanding, always conveying, “You’re doing great work. We will get through this….and we’ll deliver something great.” A thankless job.  It’s how Hemingway defined “courage.” Keep that in mind when you meet Kindra Beck. It’s not on her resume. It’s in her character.

Bill Weinstein

I was looking for a speaker that would talk to my team who was facing challenges in terms of morale and working as a cohesive unit.  Kindra hit it out of the ballpark.  We are all still talking about Kindra today.

Teri Bales

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