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To My Boys:

hope you are both healthy and happy. My heart is heavy with emotions, but also hopeful for the chance to reconnect with you after such a long period of separation. Although we have been apart from each other for the past several years, please know that not a single day has passed without me thinking about you both and looking forward to the day when we can be together again. From the moment you came into this world, you brought immense joy and purpose to my life. Being your parent has been the most fulfilling and rewarding experience, and I cherish every memory we shared together. 


I am aware that the circumstances that led to our separation were complicated and difficult. I am truly sorry for the way I made feel and you might have many questions. It is my greatest wish to sit down with each of you, listen to your feelings, and try my best to understand your perspective. Communication is key, and I am ready to patiently listen without judgment whenever you are willing to share your thoughts.

No matter what has transpired, I want to emphasize that my love for you both is unconditional. I am your parent, and that bond can never be broken. I dream of the day when we can once again share laughter, stories, and experiences together. Until that day arrives, I will continue to hold you both close in my heart. I want you to remember that you are both incredible individuals with unique talents and strengths. Never doubt your worth, and never forget that I am here for you whenever you are ready to reconnect.


Loving you always,


Advocate for Parental Equality


Educating on High Conflict Divorces

Ohio to Pass Equal Parenting into Law

June 22, 2021

Equal Shared Parenting Rights Bill Introduced by Representatives Creech and West

"This bill will change children's lives for the better"

Fighting for the rightto parent our own children

Exploring the state of family courts through the eyes of parents and experts.

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