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Parenting Equality

I am an advocate for parenting equality after a couple separates with children.  What you think might be an easy divorce can turn ugly quickly and the children are more times than not, in the middle.  Parent alienation can quickly become evident.  What is parental alienation you ask?  It is when one parent uses strategies such as brainwashing, negative speaking and decreased visitation to distance the child from the other parent.  The child then becomes estranged from the parent for weeks, months or even years because of the psychological manipulation. 


Symptoms of Parental Alienation

  • Child shows hatred towards alienated parent

  • Child doesn't have strong reasoning or justification for criticisms

  • Child has unwavering support for the alienator

  • Hatred expands into extended family, not just Mom or Dad

  • Child doesn't feel guilty about mistreating the alienated parent


April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

PAS is considered a form of child psychological abuse.  Join us April 25th to create visibility to the issue that parent alienation deprives the right for the child to love and be loved by the whole family.  Bubbles of Love Day symbolizes "as bubbles flow freely, so should the natural love that a child has for both parents and both sides of their family".

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Signs of Parental Alienation

  • Preventing the child from seeing or talking to the other parent

  • Plan tempting activities during the other parent's time

  • Frequently bend or break custody guidelines

  • Divulge unnecessary details to the child

  • Keeping medical records, activities, report cards and information a secret

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2020 Documentary 

Young adults of divorced parents fight to reunite their families after being ripped apart by a punitive legal system dictated by profit motive.


What to do if you are a Targeted Parent

1. Document!  Keep extensive records of events.

2. Hire a lawyer familiar with PAS

3. Hire a reunification counselor.

4. Ask the court to assign a GAL

5. Request the child to have a private interview with the judge.

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