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Adding Value to your Life by Adding People

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

There are different times in our lives where we need different people to be involved. For example, when a boy is an infant, he needs a mother for basic needs like milk and diaper changes. However, as the infant grows into a young man, he might need to be with a father-figure to teach him how to hunt, fish, play baseball, be a boy scout. Then as a man, he will want to connect to a best friend, a wife, for lifelong companionship.

In the same way as a boy might need different people throughout his life as he matures, we need a variety of individuals in our lives. First it might start with our families as we need support during a separation or a hard time during the marriage, then we have best friends for the details you do not wish to share with family members, then seasonal friends from grade school and college that you might reconnect with on social media as you start to find your new path during the divorce. Our best friends stay with us forever, others come and go, and we usually end up with a variety of individuals that make an impact on our lives, especially during the season we need them most. They can provide guidance and wisdom, spiritual growth paths, or be the change in direction you need.

However, when you are going through a divorce, besides best friends, family members, and friends you acquired as a married couple, you might need situational friends. These are individuals who are there during just this time in your life because you a common interest and once that common interest dissipates, the relationship dissolves. This person might be able to give you advice because they have been through a similar situation, but previously, you did not have anything in common. They might be a single friend who you can hang out with and get back into the dating scene again with or go to the gym or eat dinner with when you do not feel like being alone. Or it might be someone you can relate to because they are the opposite of you and sound like a lot of fun and right now, you need fun!

People come into your path for a reason, a season or a lifetime. The challenge is knowing when they enter your life, what to do with them. I do not believe that things happen by chance. Be open, welcome everyone you meet because you never know what value they might add to your life.

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