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Have Your Ice Cream and Lick it Too!

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Navigating through a tough time can create many negative vibes in your world. One way to keep on keeping on and being positive is through affirmations. What are these? They are positive thoughts about yourself that are written down and rehearsed on a daily basis. This helps to change the mindset from negative to positive.

Be proud of who you are, shout it out, indulge in yourself and dig in even deeper. For example you might be an outstanding mom, write it down. "I am an outstanding Mom." Put it on a post it and put it on your bathroom mirror or write it on your whiteboard, somewhere where you have to look at it daily and repeat out-loud so that you can help change your mindset. I will share just a few of mine to get you started.

  1. I am a wonderfully talented and driven woman who will change the world.

  2. I bring value to the company where I am employed.

  3. I am worthy of God's love every day.

  4. I treat those around me with love and respect.

  5. I will never give up.

Speaking is believing, now get writing!

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