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Healthy Parenting With or Without the Other Party Involved with Dr. G

Dr. G is a board-certified attending family physician and has identified the number one thing that leads to the best health and life outcomes for our kids: resilience. She works with parents to teach them the mindse

t and strategies to transform stress into a tool that builds mental health, confidence, and (most importantly) resilience in their kids.

You might recognize Dr. G from the TODAY show, Good Morning America, and many other news programs. She is also a co-host and resident Resilience Expert for The Doctors, created and delivered two TEDx talks on the topics of stress and resilience and is frequently featured in the Washington Post, The New York Times, Forbes Magazine, Consumer Reports, and others.

Needless to say, she knows this topic inside out.

Today on the Divorced and Determined show, we are talking about healthy parenting with or without the other party involved. What can you do to better your children’s lives and your life during and after divorce? What are the warning signs to be aware of? How can we be equipped to handle our children individually? — Send in a voice message:

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