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New Norm, New You

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

So this week I returned to the office for the first time since COVID Quarantine started, which has been about 4 months ago.  It was weird. It felt like the first day of school or your first day on the real job or a first interview where you wanted to make a good first impression. I was nervous about following all of the new office rules that adheres to the CDC guidelines, and if I am being honest, the dream I had about my boss firing me because I walked the wrong way in the office didn't help my anxiety, but regardless, I was excited. It was fun to pick out my outfit and actually feel like a normal human by putting on a skirt and nice shirt, wearing make up and doing my hair.  And honestly once I got into the office, it wasn't so bad.  Masks were required when walking around, but the owners had installed plexi glass in between all of our cubicles so that helped.  And really there were only six people there in the office out of 40+, so the intimidation of "messing up" with the new procedures was not as intense as it could have been with everyone there.  

I realized "I miss people!"  I missed my co-workers and I missed collaborating on projects with them to solve problems and accomplish goals.  I only stayed half day, but then I returned on Friday for a full day with my lunch packed (so I could just eat at my desk and not worry about the lunch procedures) and three of us were able to work together to make some huge steps forward with a client.  And I honestly don't believe that could have happened so quickly and seamlessly without physically being in the office to work together.  

Virus aside, take any situation in your life where things have changed and you had to find a new normal, it could be  scary, exciting, intimidating, intense, all wrapped up into one.  But after you accept the change, embrace the new normal, it could be so positive and uplifting by exploring something new.  Change is what keeps us going and growing.  Fact - If you are not changing, you are not growing!  

Now, the virus has caused panic and media has only intensified the panic and now more people are wearing masks and establishments are requiring them.  Now, it is of my opinion that making it mandatory to wear a mask violates my rights as an American.  So I do not wear a mask in public.  I am of the thought that if no one builds an immunity to this virus (along with other illnesses) then everyone will be so sick when we go back to work full time and school starts.  I also believe that if you are that scared of the virus, then don't leave your house. It is not my responsibility to prevent you from getting sick.

Besides the virus, there is a lot changing in the world. Riots and protests are happening for equal rights for blacks.  I honestly feel horrible for the kids who are growing up in this world, wearing masks and experiencing fear when they walk out on the streets where protests and riots are happening.  I don't live my live in fear, never have and I never will.  Now, I know my second amendment right to bear arms and I fully embrace that right, as I have my CCW and carry my weapon on me to protect myself and my family.  Again, embracing change and the new normal.

So how do you embrace change and how are you adjusting to your new normal?  Think of yourself as a Rhinoceros and if you have read "Rhinoceros Success" by Scott Alexander, you will know what I am talking about. Put on your 6,000 lb rhino suit and let's start moving some mountains! First, if you are going to embrace positive change and approach the new normal, you need to understand Rhino's don't watch media and they don't dwell on negative social media.  I am not saying ignore the negative, be aware, but don't saturate yourself.  Instead, read books, listen to podcasts, read blogs, follow the right people on social media,  all stressing the positive aspects of life.  Just remember, we become the product of three things, 1) who we associate with, 2) books we read and 3) podcasts we listen to.  So even though the world can be collapsing around us, or to some it may feel that way, I see one of the largest opportunities in front of those that want change. Now let's go put on our Rhino suits, embrace change, grow, learn and lead our new lives in the new normal!

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