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Support Saves

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Don't go through a tough time by yourself - engage the support of friends. Christian friends. Married friends. Single friends. Situational friends. It's important to have a wide network of friends and those that listen, support, and even those that don't always tell you what you want to hear, but are honest and sincere. I spent so much time with all friends during the first few months of my separation. I was very bold and would ask myself over to their house or on a walk or dinner. Some people are not that bold, but if someone offers an opportunity, take it! I had friends that I reconnected with after years because my situation was similar to what they experienced so they would understand. I would just call crying and they would listen to my sobbing and offer me comforting words and send texts the days following that were inspirational. I had friends to go to dinner with, movies, take naps at their house, go on walks, workout with and those that would come over and just sit with me. You might even make new friends that bring unique experiences during that time in your life when you needed it most. Friends can offer support in different ways. I always say the one person that changed my life was a friend who took me on a girl's trip to North Carolina for a few days and we couldn't be more opposite personalities. She went with no agenda, expectations or even all the clothes she needed. Where I, on the other hand, was super organized and needed a schedule -some call this type A personality. In the end, we had a great time and she taught me that life doesn't have to be planned or scheduled in order to have a good time. To my surprise, this is how my next few years would go, unscheduled, unplanned and out of my control at times. That trip saved my life! Don't miss an opportunity with a friend that could save your life.

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