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the truth about uncoupling


Many of you might wonder why I have an image of a koala in my logo.  Well, other than he is super cute, did you know that koalas live the hardest and toughest lives of any animal?  They have to eat to survive but eating also kills them.  The eucalyptus leaf they eat makes their teeth become brittle which causes decay which then leads to trying to eat without any teeth.  One option they have is to eat without chewing, but that also can cause problems--choking on a whole leaf.  The leaf they consume is also poisonous and doesn't provide much energy so that is why the koala sleeps most of the day. As far as defending itself against predators, it lacks the power and energy.  With all of that said, doesn't koalas earn the title for "only the fittest survive"? 


Sometimes, many of us can feel like a koala.   Life can present us with many unforeseen circumstances that we cannot control, however, we can control our attitude and emotions to those situations. This is where we need to speak life into strife and create our own futures based on what we CAN control.  


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