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Hi friend. I am Kindra Riber, a proud mom of two boys, an ice cream addict, a lover of everything outdoors, experienced marketer and sales leader. When I get some quiet time, I love reading books. Some of my favorite authors include Rachel Hollis, John Maxwell, Angie Smith and Sophie Kinsella.  However, its hard to pull me away from a good mystery once I start reading.  On the weekends, I enjoy hiking, restoring old furniture, practicing yoga and mediation, crossfit, horseback riding and having dinner with friends.


As your coach, my goal is to help individuals find their passion and purpose in life. I work in a group or individual--coaching on multiple topics that influence our daily lives.


Speaking Out

Need a team building speaker or motivational speaker about business, life, career transition, financial difficulties? Then I might be your last look. My mission is to bring awareness to the positivity that can result from a difficult time in one's life. I have always viewed the glass half full, even during my own personal experiences with career transition, divorce and high conflict custody battle, financial difficulties and more.


My message consists of resiliency and grit, confidence and clarity.  I have learned with the right mindset, supportive tribe and tools, you can rise above any challenge and that's what I speak about. My career has provided me experience in sales and marketing for industrial and B2B companies, secondary education, technology, career transition and sports. So no matter what your industry, I can usually relate and create relevant content. 

My passion is speaking to those whom I might help from applying what I have learned in life to other's hardships.  I would love to customize a session to meet your needs.


I'm always looking for new ways to reach out to the community and motivate others to follow their passion.

Let's connect.

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